Initiate Zoey gets carried away during a search and destroy mission

"YEAH! That’s how we do things in the Pride, you fuckin’ freaks!"

Knight Captain Bill is obviously not amused.

And original here (someone should take a crack at re-editing this, because frankly I think my attempt sucks)

Lol just… lol
Nice picture you got there
Blood looks strange.

i love it buuuut

the blood is too bright

cross-overs ftw!

Nice and moody air to the picture. The sun is almost burnt out though, way too white.

Good posing, but the blood isn’t all that realistic, I have to second.

Thanks for the criticism, I’ll probably fix it up later tonight if I don’t forget.

You’re welcome to edit it yourself though if you want to.

tthe posing was well done but I think zoey’s eye posing was a little problem. Notice she’s not looking down rather than looking straight?