"Initiating Compliance Protocol"


So I decided to try something else other than just posing dinosaurs and people running from them. This my first attempt at adding my own lighting, so please feel free to critique me and offer future advice. I did use Photoshop, as you can tell for the dust, sparks, and blood running down the old man’s face. Like I said, I want to get better, so please C&C all that you want.

Inspired by Elysium?

Guy on the left’s like: "I’ve gotta go now you guys :frowning: "

His level of emotion is kind of different from the other characters. Maybe he’s just standing way too close and showing his back that makes him look awkward.

Meh, slightly. I started this before I, ahem, borrowed, Elysium on the internet. It was more just the fact that when i saw these robots it was the first thing that came to my mind. After watching Elysium I wanted it to look like they were in a line like that scene.

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Yeah you might be right. I wanted him to appear as if he didn’t want to get involved.

it looks more like he has to go home but wanted to hang out some more doe

“my mom says i have to go home” kind of way

haha, I can see that

That’s what it looks like. Like he’s waited too long in line to fuck it up, trying his best to ignore the scene and get on with his day that will still be shitty anyway because he lives in a world with robot cops.

Thank you!!! hahaha exactly what i was trying to do. At least one person sees it.

Funny story actually, I did reskins for the robots in the picture that are based on the police-bots in Elysium :v:

Anyway i could get my hands on those?

I really like the emotional contrast the characters give