Injectiongaming recruting NOR!

We are an Skadinaviske Clan :

Injection Gaming is a clan that was started in 2006. At the time, we had teams in BF2, CSS, CS 1.6, Trackmania. We aimed to be good at what we did, but most importantly it was for us to have fun. And me persenaly i have played whit these guys in over a year and its quite pleasing :slight_smile: (played warz then)

In the meantime, we had a downtime but now we are back, this time we are looking for players in:Rust, CS:GO, Battlefield 4,Arma 3 , ISS.You can apply to any of these. We are currently25+ players in the clan, and aims to build up the clan for Rust! :slight_smile:

Have waited along time for The game and here it is , so stop hating and start playing.

We are atm looking for few players and hoping this would help :slight_smile:

What we require of you:

*Speak Nor/Swe and English

  • Mic and Teamspeak
  • You must be relatively active,
    on Dayz forum and our forum aswell
  • Holding Agreements/trustworthy
  • Good manners/and kind to others
    *Experience from survival mmo
    *Attend to Events
  • 18 years + or if you are younger you can apply and we will read the aplicasion and see. Note its an 18 + game!
    *Dont be mean/ PLay fair!

What you’ll get from us:

  • Website, Teamspeak
  • Organized Play
  • Fun events and competitions
  • Make new friends
  • Little sleep /good comunity
    *Marksmen experience!

Application shall have :



Do you have experience from any survival mmo?how long ?:


Are you patient guy/girl, and can walk long ingame whit out whine ?:

Something you would like to add ?:

Where did you hear of Injection Gaming?:

Must be From Nor/swe.

Apply here if ur intrested:

Send your application or check out the clan at

or our facebook :https://www.facebook…6378608?fref=ts

Greetings -IG-

Norwegian Clan

this should be posted server subforum.

did a shitpost tho ,wasent sure.