Injured demoman walking away from battle.

Yep, I’m pretty happy about this edit.

Older versions:

I couldn’t decide which is better, so here is one with glowing eye aswell.

And zhe original:
Please compare, then give me some C&C ;D <3

Holy shit. fucking beautiful. The only thing I could suggest to make this any better would be some more realistic effects on the demoman, like shadows or such. However, I know such a request would be silly, and it already looks absolutely fabulous.

Damn, that is some sexy ass blood editing. The snow texture looks pretty cool and the glowing eye looks pretty perfect compared to all the other screenshots with the glowing eye IMO.

Well I guess he’s not gonna be using that arm anymore, well until the Medic rolls around that is…

Purdy Pictures you got thar :buddy:

I tried to find something bad for C&C Except I can’t find a thing!

I don’t know if it’s a good or a bad thing… His left leg looks weird to me, or maybe its just the way I’m looking at it

Oh shit, totally forgot.
I still have the psd so I’ll edit in some shadows and perhaps some snow on his head and shoulders.

The snow, it’s too blurry.

Also some isolation errors, nothing big.

I agree, working on it right now, aswell as shadows and some other tweaks.

That snow on the ground is amazing! The blood holes don’t look to goo though…

Really, really nice. The snow editing on the ground is superb. The only tiny nit-picks I can think of are that the angle is too tilted for my tastes and the hole from the top arrow is pretty undetailed.

The ground is sex

Yeah the angle is because it was originally intended to be a cut out into a different background, but I liked that one so… Yeah :v:

Uh, no, that would be snow.

Snex then? :saddowns:


C&C :smiley:

This could really use some thread music. Sadly I can’t find any…
Amazing picture is drop dead amazing.

This might work. When the song picks up go to the glowing eye one.

Didn’t even think of that.
I’ll see if I can find any.

the ground is pretty nice but your blood and bits of snow still look like silly string

refine it

Demo needs his Scrumpy

Got any tips on how I can improve them?