Injustice 2 PC Models?

Ripping Tool by Id-Daemon:

PC Ripped Models:
Superman -
Bizarro -
Supergirl -
Power Girl -
Wonder Woman -
The Flash -
The Flash Customisable -
Reverse Flash -
Jay Garrick -
Darkseid -
John Stewart -
Red Hood -
Catwoman (Gear I) -
Vixen -
Black Canary -
Black Manta (NPC Version) -
Scarecrow (Dr. Jonathan Crane) -
Killer Croc -
Joker -
Harley Quinn (DLC) -
Poison Ivy -
Black Lightning -
-More Soon-

Harley Quinn’s Hounds and Props -

HUGE and many thanks to id-daemon for the tools, and for making any of these rips possible! -
Thanks to thePWA for PC uploads -
Thanks to MrUncleBingo for PC uploads -
Thanks to Crazy31139 for PC uploads -
Thanks to Sticklove for PC/IOS uploads -
Thanks to OGLoc069 for the massive IOS uploads -

IOS Ripped Models:
Superman -
Superman (BvS) -
Batman -
Batman (JL) -
Batman (Knightmare) -
Cyborg -
Cyborg (JL) -
Flash -
Flash (CW) -
Flash (JL) -
Green Arrow (CW) -
Scarecrow -
Doctor Fate -
Sub-Zero -
Catwoman -
Robin -
Swamp Thing -
Brainiac -
Brainiac’s Minion -
Power Girl -
Reverse Flash -
Raiden -
Supergirl -
Supergirl (CW) -
Green Lantern -
Hellboy -
Wonder Woman (JL) -
Aquaman (JL)
Deadshot -
Bane -
Joker -
Harley Quinn -
Harley Quinn (SQ) -
Captain Cold -
Black Canary -
White Canary -
Starfire -
Gorilla Grodd -
Parademon -

wait a moment jesus christ, it just came out today. wait a tad, would you? gildor’s probably going to be on the move soon.

Gildor’s looked into it, and it’s tricky. I would suggest maybe hitting him with a donation to look into it further and implement Umodel compatibility…

Sorry Ageha, I am completely new to what they do to rip, I don’t have a slightest clue what they do and what they have to go through. I am terribly sorry!

Based on what gildor posted on his forum it looks like he’ll be waiting for the Nov 15 release of the game.

No, he said because of proprietary third-party compression he will NOT support it at all.

Well he just needs a push in the right direction (which was what happened with Injustice).

EDIT: I see what you did there :). Is it starting to look like we won’t be needing umodel for Injustice 2?

Yes, I’m waiting when things will get clear.

Anymore news on this yet?

I heard somewhere that id_daemon had ripped models already?

Yes, and not only I did. Getting models/textures form this game is not hard.

Man I wish I knew where to start on doing what you guys do! :wink:

Sent you a pm dude if thats cool?

yes i received it

Many people are asking me about this game. I will probably make some tool for it soon. But now I’m still busy with other things.

Tools wip. Got models and textures.

Question: By the look of the preview image you posted, The Suits come without Colored Textures and it’s needed to paint it on Photoshop?

Looking great so far, Waiting for the tools to made some ports into XPS.

yes you need to paint them. Lots of masks for each texture to help with it.

almost done

I am waiting for the model of power girl

Did you really had to bump this thread, and the mobile version thread at the same time just to repeat this?

If you’re so desperate for her, here, ported her myself from the Mobile Version: