Injustice: Gods Among Us models.

These are from the IOS version of Injustice: Gods Among Us but it appears that the models are the same.

Batman and Joker:!344

Catwoman 1, Catwoman 2, Harley Quinn 1, Harley Quinn 2:!785

Wonder Woman:

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Theres also this superman model but theres no link, you could try asking the guy though. (

Awesome work dude! thanks for posting these :smiley:
Can’t wait for the Deathstroke model :open_mouth:

For a lowpoly ios game those porters sure made these look good

The models aren’t that low-poly. IoS games have some surprisingly high-quality models in them. Infinity Blade II, for example, had high quality models with 2048 textures–sometimes more than one per model.

According to Noesis, Injustice’s Deathstroke has 5538 tris and 16480 verts whereas the heavy Crysis 3 CELL soldier has 9732 tris and 6905 verts.

For anyone who wants the models, the ios Injustice is a FREE download. Go to the iTunes store on your computer, download the game, find the game and rename the extension from .app to .zip and open it like a regular zip file. Then you can use the latest version of umodel to get all the models from it. Just make sure to use the -ios switch in the umodel command prompt.

What happened to Justice League I used to watch at Cartoon Network when I was a kid? They made it some “dark serious shit” and the character design looks like crap for me.

idk all the Batman models look pretty good imo. Supes looks fucking ridiculous though, why would he even need body armor?

Well if Deathstroke has that many tris and verts surpisingly these models still manages to look too lowpoly for me. Just goes to show its not how many but how effectively they were set up.

To be honest, I reckon it’d be better to wait till the game hits the consoles so we can get higher poly models, but kudos for posting these up.

Damn, XNALara always beats us to it.

These models seem so good for a game that fits into a tiny phone. For my two cents, anyone else think some of these designs look odd, specially Harley Quinns costumes? It just doesn’t seem to fit her crazy, Joker obsessed personality.

You sure?

At least the batman model looks pretty much the same.

I wonder how you port models from a IOS Game, because they do have the Iron Man 3 game or whatever it is on IOS I think.

The engine.

Pretty sure Netherrealm is using Unreal for their games.

lol XNA gets out about 500 models to our 1 model.

You kidding?

It saves us most of the work required to get the models.


Most of the time.

Injustice uses the Unreal engine so it would’ve been pretty simple to obtain models i’d imagine.

you can easily tell by looking at the ears & capes especially on the batman models

Yuck, you should have put iOS in the title.

Really isn’t a contest, its just far too easier and faster to port to xnalara than to source and gmod.

I meant ripping the models.

I can imagine the Injustice game models will be pretty high detail in the polycount. I remember looking at the MK9 models and thinking they were going to be pretty low detail in the 3D aspect at first then I took a look at them and realized they were far higher than I expected.