Injustice Gods Among Us

So with the release of the game is anyone working on extracting models from this one? I know it was done by the same company that did Mortal Kombat 2011, Netherrealm Studios I believe. So it’s a possibility that the game might be on the same engine. There’s a lot of characters from the game that look pretty good, I would just like to have the raw .psk or .obj files if it’s possible. Or if someone could tell me what to do if it’s on the same game engine I can look at doing it myself.

Its on UE3, the IOS models were already being extracted so i cant imagine it’ll take long for the main game to get ripped to shreds.

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MK9 used Unreal too.

Not supported by Umodel. Format had been changed… well the demo version at least.

Well that just great, I wonder what can be done now. And while the IOS models kinda look good with textures, actual model detail sucks.


Just wait for it to be updated?

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As far as i know this usually ends up happening.

Except Gildor is now working for some company last I heard, and even the Bioshock Infinite rippers are trying to figure out model extraction, using Ninjaripper.

Why not try Ninjaripper then?

Haven’t looked too much into Ninjaripper, but I think it can only rip from PC games, not sure on that though. If it can rip from a 360 ISO then it might be time to look into it.

Most likely need to wait for someone like mariokart who knows what they’re doing :stuck_out_tongue: Pretty anxious to get these models 2 :wink:


I’m going to regret bumping this aren’t I?

there you go

Its one of the IOS models i think.

yeah but aren’t they most just a little lower in polies and the textures are that super high like the console version?

Mostly just lower-poly models.

lol i just downloaded it and the texture for him is 2048x2048 damn that’s amazing for an ios game

based On what I’ve seen, everyone is focused on the iOS models, if not for that, I wouldn’t have found these:

Hoping there’s been a change, sure the IOS models are nice but the 360 models will have higher quality details. I think someone on Gildor’s site was finally able to get Bioshock Infinite models and if this game is running off the Unreal engine then hopefully this will be possible soon.

it could be possible, umodel was updated on May 4, could be possible that the update would finally allow people to rip from the game. or not…

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I was poking around and found this on Gildor’s forum. Hope maybe

If you guys are really desperate for Injustice Models, I can rip the iOS models with fixed textures, because usually the iOS Texture2D Files are corrupted, and with the original bones. I know they look like crap but the textures are pretty good. It’s just an offer so don’t get mad at me for something.

iOS models just won’t do it for me, low quality models yet semi-good quality textures.
I mean this photo from the thread link posted above is excellent model quality. The iOS ones however ugh.