Hi, today at the morning i wanted to play some No-PvP server, so i joined the US West Coast 1 (PvE). I had a pretty good start lots of good drops in radiaton zones, lots of ores … I found F1 Granades BP and Explosive charges BP (i didn’t have Explosive charges), so i asked admin if the raiding is allowed. He said no. So i continued building myself the base. Then i decided to go to the Road trip, so i followed the road and came to the Factory (another great drops here), and when the night was falling i built myself a shelter … AND THEN admins teleported me to themselves, and started to asking me questions, if i was raiding, because some guy (they didnt said his name) told them i raided his base. So i nicely ansewered that i wasn’t been raiding, I’m playing here first day, I don’t have any explosives or stuff to raid (I had only gun, BPs, Food and medicine, wood, ores). AND THEN, one admin asked another if he believes me, he told he don’t know me , so he believe the other guy (With this logic, we can now shot 99,9% of players there …) And then the admin shot me without any evidence, or trying to solve the problem …

Admins: Rambo and [not so sure about this one name] creator [some numbers].

I want to solve this problem, want unban and my stuff back.

(Btw., sorry if there are any mistakes in the text, I am Slovak :))

If it was just some guys server there isint much that can be done, if they don’t like the way you walk they can ban you if they are so inclined.