input problems?

I’m having an issue playing Rust on my Laptop.

The first two days everything was fine. I was able to play no issue. Then all of the sudden I’m getting weird input issues AKA keyboard and mouse. Its not an FPS issue, I sit steady at 30fps. When I move left (via mouse) it takes a second, then continues to move even after I have stopped moving the mouse. Same thing with keyboard. If I try and move forward, it will continue to move me forward even after I have released the “w” key. I’ve uninstalled unity and reinstalled it with no change. I’m using Chrome 29.0.1547.66 m, but have tried on IE 10. Unity crashes almost immediately when I move around in game in IE

Nothing special about keyboard/mouse. Built in keyboard and Dell USB mouse

Any ideas?

EDIT: It seems to be only when I move the mouse. If I don’t touch my mouse, I can move around normally, but as soon as I touch it, all hell brakes loose