Inputs and Outputs in the OB Engine

I have a tall combine tower, and theres a ring around it, i want to make that ring move up and down, i set it as a func_tracktrain but i dont know what to do next, what entities to use, though im using path_track, but i dont know which inputs and outputs to use to make it work, especially in the EP2 Orange box engine.

It’s the same as the EP1 engine

Or the hl2 engine.

The EP2 engine just has support for better lighting and physics, it doesn’t dramatically change the hammer tool.

I hate the HL2 hammer though.

Like you said, theres no dramatic changes, but theres little things, that are really annoying.

Like when you can’t find an entity, all you have to do in ep2 hammer, type a small part of the entitys name, and you might find it.

hl2 hammer: you have to type the entitys name correctly, or search through that long list

i just like the part in ob engine where you can see if u edit something inside entity properties (highlighted blue)

Anyone want to answer the question?

When you mention the difference between the two engine types in the way you did “especially the OB engine,” it essentially means that you know how to do it in the hl2 engine but not in the OB engine, so people started discussing that instead of the question.

Like the overuse of commas?

The EP2 engine has no annoying bits…it is a mapping tool based on a more developed engine.

Now…the question.

The ring would be a func_tracktrain. You will need to set end points using path_track, and either use buttons to control it’s movement, or a logic auto to start it off.

Another way to do it (if you want it to be like an elevator) would be to use a func_movelinear instead.

Really just fiddle around with the i/o’s until you get it to do what you need it to. They are very self explanatory after all.