Inquiry: 'Mech' part packs?

With the mech hip-based movement chips making mechs accessable to the masses for design, does anyone know of any good model packs that are tailored for mechs?

i know there are packs tailored for space and such, but what im looking for is models designed to fit together in designing mechs, like various foot parts, leg parts, arm parts, cockpits, ect.

i have the latest PHX, gcombat, and wire already.

any suggestions on what other packs i should look into?

i would have put this in the request forum, but as far as i can tell, im not requesting that any models be made or anything, just asking what are already out there.

Nothing really, you are better off requesting it. But not many people go out and build them, so models are not in demand.

I usually put the link request threads in requests, just so that the help threads don’t get flooded in the main m/s.