Insane amount of visleafs on flatgrass

Hey everybody,

I’m beginning to understand all this visleafs and optimization stuff, but this completely baffles me.

I made a simple flatgrass map, its (almost) the size of the full grid, and its completely flat.
It has a skybox around it, and thats it. This should (as far as i know) create 1 big visleaf. Surprise: it creates hundreds if not thousands!

Here’s a screenshot taken with GLview that shows all the visleafs:

Can anybody please tell me what is going on, what causes it, or how i fix it? Any replies would be greatly appreciated!

Also, i tried searching, but i didn’t find anything similar

Thanks in advance, Nick

Use a func_viscluster.

Mind if I ask why you’re making another flatgrass map?

No i don’t,

I love flatgrass maps, they just all lack something in my opinion. I’m making one that has all the features we (our clan) want (which are quite a lot), and we’ll only be using it on our server. Don’t worry, there will not be another ZOMG I MADED FLATGRAZ thread, i know better :slight_smile:

I’ve read up on visclusters, and it seems to make a heap of sense. Thanks a lot!

Func_viscluster doesn’t combine leafs.

Might use DeathByNukes’ hacked VBSP tools: Thread

Oh god that seems even bettar oO Thank you!

Visleafs are created every 1024 units if there isn’t anything disturbing them.

yep i learned that. The hacked version of vbsp however creates them (up to) 32 times that big, which greatly reduces compile time along with triangle count. thanks for the info anyway :slight_smile:

1024 X, 1024 Y and infinite Z unless something obstructs the Z plane.

Only use the larger visleaves on maps that throw visibility out the window. If you have a mixed map with outdoors / indoors, then use the normal compile tools and use func_viscluster in the outside areas.

Why is that? I’ve tried, but it still creates the same size visleaves on indoor and small area’s, i can’t understand how big visleafs are bad in any way. Care to elaborate :)?

Damn you, I was trying to get that out but was have a hard time getting it into words,

Guess how I feel now… :downsbravo:

Another solution is just to run vVIS on fast. There’s no structures so it doesnt matter.

No, they aren’t the same size, they just look similar to an untrained eye. Using larger visleaves on indoor areas makes the client render more than it has to, resulting in lower framerates and other possible problems.