INSANE loadtime

I was browsing stats and found some really strange things :
Slowest loadtime (last day) 104 days .
and fastest is
Fastest loadtime (last day) 0 seconds

How much addons do you need to keep gmod loading for ONE HUNDRED AND 4 MINUTES!!!

heh, I laughed at that too.
Must be a bug or something… who knows.

There is also a map which average loadtime is 9 days

All I can think of is did someone hibernate/suspend computer in the middle of loading

I have to do that on my laptop sometimes.

Who the fuck has 1,058 addons? :v:

The stats are really broken

Apparently in the last 30 minutes, over 100,000 people loaded up GMod.


And there’s a magic number of addons (near 800) which when achieved, reduces you loadtime by about 95%

A man who downloads everything he see , and pack ADV DUPES in addon format .

Wow those stats are really amazing! What happened, Mass bot attack?

What the crap is with the low gradient with more addons?