Insane PvP Montage! Must Watch!!

Hope you guys enjoy :slight_smile:

Please use the built in video player in your post.

Anyway this is nice but most likely on a Battlefield server.

Thanks! much appreciated

nice video n0va from APB…as always. utube/abstractapb :wink: great server too! hope to see you there

thanks adm =D

Nice montage :zoid:

Everyone got cloth gear and it seems like you got some sort of recoil hack

it’ll be a battlefield server, so you just put in chat “/starter” and it gives you lots of guns and cloth armour… recoil hack, i don’t think so… you only need to pull back on the mouse and it stops recoil, plus mp5 doesn’t have massive amounts of recoil

It kinda looks like you have norecoil the way you spammed M4 at 1:55.

nice montage

thanks guys! means a lot! for everyone talking about “no recoil”, im going to be making another video on how to aim accurately and control the recoil. looking forward to making it~

No recoil, nice///

Half the footage seems like its done on a server with no recoil?

soooooooo not pulling back on mouse. no recoil…cheat to win…

what is a battlefield server

Lel, so much no recoil