C&C etc…

strange, i was just playing DR 2… very nice

I like the atmosphere.

And i was just playing Half-life 2 in ravenholm… strange.

It looks nice, but it doesn’t look like it took 2-3 hours.

How exactly is he holding that gun?

Edit: Checked the original, that’s some really akward (lazy) posing on Grigori.

It’s extremely plain. What exactly did you spend most of those 2-3 hours doing?

2 min of downloading the map, 1 min of starting gmod and the map, 5 min of finding where to place ragdolls, 5-10 min of posing 10-15 min of placing light and lamps 2 min for angle (forgot to set jpeg_quality to 100)

About photoshop I removed alots of shitty thing I did and some more thing.

That still doesn’t add up to several hours. You need to work on your posing, too; forget about editing until you can do that competently.

Grigori’s gun-holding seems pretty strange.