Insanity Gaming USA Is Back!

Hey guys, this is Elliot Fox, co-owner of Insanity Gaming USA. We started out in 2007 as a basic RP community, and were temporarily stopped due to money problems. We are now back, nationwide, and better than ever. For the last 3 months, we have been working on the darkrp game mode, and turning it into a Dark-RP and Perp Mix. Now, i know what your thinking, “Its just another shitty server community full of rdmers and minges!” Well, your wrong. With the highly intelligent scripts and addons, it allows players to have the best role-play experience, without the annoying 10 year old minges. We are currently looking for coders and mappers, but that is still out there in space. We are ready to serve as the best, and the one community that cares about your input, and rewards you for your time spent here.
Please remember that the server is still in beta mode, and things may be changed. If you have any suggestions, please dont hesitate to add me on steam and tell me.
Here is the website: now thats how to make a community website!

You talk about your community as if everyone knows about it, more importantly, you talk as if people care.

Take a note from your youtube page.

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nationwide? hmm, I’ve never heard of that in a server.

Intelligent scripts and addons? whaT

Didn’t you know? His gamemode is actually an intelligent AI that prevents minges and allows for RP!

But seriously, all you need for roleplay is an imagination and players. This is more of an RPG than RP.

You have a script that makes 10 year old minges go away? Do share.


Interesting juxtapositions there.

Oh yeah ! I remember this server. I spent countless hours on this server…


Probably would’ve just been a better idea to announce this on your steam group page (if you have one) because nobody seems to of heard of the server here on facepunch.

Oh hey guys how could you forget the Awesome Insanity Gaming USA server ™
Everyone knows about it
It’s umm a server

This subforum is used to present a gamemode in development which hasn’t been stolen or publically distributed or both…

Since when was it used to show-off servers and their shitty recreated/re edited/modded gamemodes?

Since it was created in fact. Most threads that don’t pertain to what should be put here are locked, however servers showing off their shitty recreated/re-edited-modded gamemodes apparently counts as a legitimate gamemode.