Insanity - Intro

Right click it for full size n shit!

Good stuff. Keep it going.

i like it

Nobody’s posting anything! D:

Got to see more to make up our minds. So far it looks good.
Insanity font looks awesome.

Well, I personally find prologues/“intros” somewhat useless. You should have made an actual first issue instead, in my opinion.

As usual, posing and editing are nice. The narration sounds a bit forced, though, and there’s a couple typos in there.

I love the last frame with the name in it…It has weight.
Also, it seems like a story with foreshadowing heavy in it…
I like that. Good comic, if not awesome.

very interesting comic , i hope you do continue

Nice ,continue it. ^^

Reminds me of Penumbra. Greenland, mine, finding lost relative, narrator/protagonist telling his impending doom right at the beginning…

Looks fantastic though, I’ll be following this one for sure.

I love the angles, I love the editing, and you’ve done a good job of building suspense. What bugs me is something aboout the writing style: small spelling or grammar errors, sentence structure, etc.

I’d suggest reading “Darwin’s Blade” by Dan Simmons. He employs an extremely good writing style, and the book itself is very enjoyable. It may help you develop your own style.

One important tip: Don’t use the triple dots (…) if you can avoid it. It doesn’t look very good.

Reminds me of Penumbra, to an extent. The premise suits it, nonetheless.

I like it, but a small detail on the font: Since it’s meant to look like rips in the wallpaper, using fireworks with inner glow, instead of a shadow effect, has better results. I know that’s just knit-picking, but still sort of useful.

I am very intrigued, the rest was good, I do hope you’ll keep it up.