Inside of a Combine Helicopter Footage (wip)


5 hours of hardcore editing.

I tried to recreate the vision of a combine inside an helicopter, later i will add an sound and an helicopter by the window being blown up by a rebel DCA and red light and alert signals inside the helicopter after the attack.

its 30% done.

Also the sky footage is a bit fast, and its blurry cause it was taken on youtube, if you find better sky footage from a plane, tell me.

Interesting, could have a lot of potential if done right, and from the looks of it, it is being done right.
You could have the helicopter attacked, and it crash’s and BAM you got a great intro for a movie.

Wow, looks really nice, great job.

Looks awesome


What’s that at 0:09 ?
Awesome editing.

Looks too fast to me. (Clouds)

Slow it down a little.

Other than that, it looks great.

well it is a combine machine, its going to go fast.

5 hours of editing ? Holy shit dude you tried to do the whole inside of the heli in After effects or something ?

Pretty good, although it needs some finetuning. Especially the motion tracking.

Looks a lot like the inside of a Vertibird from Fallout 3.
I like this.

i like very much!.

Thanks everyone, i’ll try to finish it this weekend.

For all the questions, yes its done in after effect, and the motion track is a bit messy because im using multiple footage to recreate a realistic camera shake wich was hard to track with the sky and the monitor.

I’ll slow it down and will add a better sky.

very, very nice. add sound though. and the part at 0:18 where the camera turns back, the sky is messed up in that it moves with the camera, it should remain stationary.