Inside the Mi-8


I kinda tried to light it at least look decent
and failed horribly
i don’t even know


what you need is to 1. darken everything (just dupe it into gm_black or gm_construct’s dark room) and 2. use lamps to light it (making sure they cast shadows)

then you will know

It’s evident that you’ve tried lighting but gone too far with it. I think you’ve put too much into it and as a result the scene has no highlights or shadows. If you’re going to do a vehicle interior scene though I can imagine it to be hard making interesting lighting without making it look artificial. I’d suggest, for vehicle interiors, having some contrasting bright light (something like the paratrooper signal lights in the ww2 gliders) acting as one of the only light sources in the picture and have the picture rely on that light for visual interest. You’ve got a potentially interesting scene here, you just need to crack it open with some moody/stylistic lighting