Insidiea, and Leeroy's Build Role Play!

Hello, We are a new 18 slot BuildRP server that just opened up a few days ago!

So basically, we did what a lot of other servers do, combine Role Play and Building, but were no ordinary server, We have a community of good players, and admins, that do not mingie unlike some other BuildRP servers that I’ve seen.
We have contests, fun with PlayX, we also have some custom classes, Such as:

Ninja Class, where you can purchase really epic katanas made by Baddog.
Black Market Dealer, Where he sells a modified mad-cow’s door charge.
Russian Terrorists - lol, they buy epic mad-cow’s alyx guns.

We still have a WHOLE lot of other classes to add, and for now, were pretty stable.

Some BuildRP education:
Build RP (Role play) is where players build shops, homes, bases, and live a life in that house, shop or base, You can either choose between the classes listed above, or the default classes such as:
Gun-dealer - Sells guns, not much explaining there,
Medic - Heals people for fees.
Mob-boss- Is the leader of the gangsters, controls the crime in the city, Gangsters: Work and help the mob-boss stealing,
CP (Civil protection): Enforce the RP laws, arrest people
CP Chief: The chief of the CP

As for rules, I am not gonna post all of them here, I don’t wanna make you guys have to scroll down through a shit load of common sense.

Video of live in game content will be coming soon, but for now a picture only :frowning:

If you are interested joining our community and game play, the server IP address is :


Thank you, Insidiea & Leeroy

Haha, I see my house right there on top of the building!


This is not the kind of server that I’d want to play on, and here are the reasons why.

  1. Its using a Horrid script.
  2. I don’t like the fact that your “Awesome community” Consists of 5 people.
  3. Gm_Construct.
  4. Why bother.

Some ideas so help you out, try using a different script… Such as Tacoscript of Cakescript. Anything is better than DarkRP. More scripts=Less fun(IMO).

Your advertisement is very …uh… eye catching.

Imfao. This is a BUILD SERVER. THIS ISN’T ANY SERIOUS ROLEPLAY. What the fuck do you have against gm_construct. It’s a epic map.

I don’t find it eye catching. It just wants to make me yell at the next person I see. I’m countering your sarcasm/Obviousness with a particularly crude statement.

This is a Build RP, The awesome community, was suppose to be a example of people, that you might see often.

Wouldn’t it be better to to leave it as “Community” rather than “Awesome Community” Due to opinions?

In my opinion, It’s awesome, but picture removed due to interweb trollz.

Russian terrorists eh…I guess there wont be alot of RDM?

We enforce the rules to the max, so No.

Not really an RP server, but a pretty good build server

M3h no one RPs any more, except for serious RP. :confused: