Insidious Coach

Insidious Coach - Happy Coach.

The Dof is way too heavy but nice picture.

Ouch the jpeg quality.

That’s not even remotely constructive.


It is, Hairy. It tells that the jpeg quality must be improved.

Well… yes. But it doesn’t tell him how. If he knew how, he would have improved the jpeg quality.

Forgot about it, sorry.

Total fail at arguing.

So, if someone doesn’t know how/forgot to do something, we shouldn’t tell them that they should do it?


One of the best Coach’s faces I’ve ever seen.

Logic = flawed.

What the hell is your problem with Chesty, no wait, everyone anyway?

Our backstory is deeper than a Chilean mine.

they really have flat asses.

I don’t actually mind chesty anymore. And in fear of derailing this thread, I won’t get anymore into it.

but my comment wasn’t personal, I would have said what I said to anyone.

but yeah, my point was entirely destroyed when OP said “I forgot to do it…”
However, there are actually a few people who do not know how to take pics without jpeg fragments. I only learned it myself last week.

Anywho, I didn’t wanna derail this, especially when there is no real problem here. I didn’t really mean to sound hostile at all.

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Yo should tell them HOW to do it :science:

I wish the shitty quality of the new SDoF wasn’t as shitty. Looks good, nice booty.

surprise! not all women conform to your avatar!

as for the sdof, it’s not that bad. truth be told i like the swirl-blurring method better than the original straight blur, the only thing is that you need to be really gentle with it for it to look good

Two cheezeburgers, mmm MMM oh lawd.

most women I know conform to it

except fat ones cuz they’re big all over