Insidious Island [US East] PVP

A friend of mine and I have recently started a new server and we are looking for some players to fill it up! We are wanting to be active as admins (Welcome player opinions and ideas for how to make our server great!) and have as many events as possible. We have a few event ideas that will be posted on our forums soon. We are also open to the idea of players coming up with their own events, with admin help and rewards! All players are welcome, we will be keeping an eye on and taking cheating seriously. Cheaters will be banned forever when and if enough evidence is gathered.

Our server will be wiped clean upon the launch of Rust on Steam, which is in about 20 minutes I believe, so if you come now, there should be some good options of where to put down your new house and get started! More info will be available soon at our forums, we encourage all players on our server to register to stay up to date on events and news. Forums are new and we will be populating it with posts in the next few days.

Right now the only two admins are the server co owners and we want this server to become populated and fun for all, so I can promise that Ronin and myself will not be abusive admins, keeping the server fair and not giving anyone, ourselves included, an unfair advantage.

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Post title is our server name.

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Server name is currently Insidious Island (wiped 12/11)

Glad to see you guys keeping the server going! awesome admins, they don’t abuse the game at all and let the community decide things. Keep up the good work guys!


I have been gaming with them for years, and they are great guys. They are fair and will listen to your comments/complaints.

From our Server Administrator:

Sorry for the inconvienence.

Wiped 12/19