"-Inspect here." US patrol wath sector + Fps Bonus

I had fun doing these screenshots :downs:


It’s a scenebuild with grass and some mw2 props
All effects are in-game


It’s a FPS reminds me of Battlefield 3
All in-game too. :smile:

Rate these screenshots please :rolleyes:

FPS picture is good but he is holding gun little bit weird. Anyway it’s cool picture.

That looks like Ainsley in the back of the top one

Pretty pictures though

Lol :v:

The only bad thing about this is the fact that “Johnson” has a UK flag on his shoulder and an American flag on his helmet. 1 reason why I avoid using those models from the MW2 ragdoll pack. In other things, great posing, good stuff here.

Thanks for your compliment. Thank you for me to point out the detail of the helmet but I think the Task Force 141 is both British and American. I may be wrong?

you have a link on the map on the second picture plz :dance:

No you’re right, still you would have the flag of your country of origin.
It’s like when we do military co-exercise with Germany or Sweden, we don’t put their flags on. :v:

http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=9359 :smile: