the yellow tint represents sometin i dunno wat tho lol

I don’t understand… What?

ts about a inspectr

I guess this is either

A) A troll.

B) Someone from fast threads trolling us.

C) Underage.

D) Someone who actually wants to make good comics but sucks at it, and after countless tries cant get it right, so everyone thinks hes a troll.

Either A, B or C, he should be banned. This is his second account now, so that might be pointless. Personally, I think might as well ban him.

OR its D.



bt my comik is gud and ur not
your just upset

No. My comic making skills are infinetly better than yours, and im not even close to being as good as Madmanmad or someone like that is. In fact, mine are AWFUL compared to somthing like that.

Also, fix’d.

Sorry for feeding the troll.

ur not good

Your a bad troll.

you’re a bad troll

wats a troll tho

i cant think of the word to describe how crap these are

even though the faceposing on the first guy is epic lols