[InstaCraft][24/7] No Lag 18+ Preferred [Sleepers/Pvp ON]

Hi this server is new and is looking for mature players to start and create a competitive environment for rust.


You can connect by searching for the host name
“[Instant Craft] 18+ Preferred”

Alternatively press F1 and type

“net.connect” then press enter


Our administration is fair, unbiased, and friendly

No one is favored and admins are not involved in any form of pvp or raiding our goal is to moderate the server not play it.

Make sure to say “Flip” Sent you!

Have fun!

Will update with Teamspeak and website info soon!

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Post reserved

Will you give me a bolt action if i gather the supplies?

Cool, I’m in now! Hey man, “Flip sent me!”