Server Connection: Type “net.connect” in F1 settings and welcome to our server

Server is brand New as of 1/29/14

**Welcome to our server! **
Here we treat Rust players fair!

Current Mods/In-Game Information
-Oxide (Door Share)
-Instant Crafting
-Starter Kits (Hatchet, Bow, Food, Sleeping Bag)
-Bounty Kills on Admins to earn items/prizes
-Arena (Daily Matches to win prizes)
-Removal Tools (Only applies to your own props, i.e. misplaced pillars, walls etc)

We have Active Admins on which can teleport players

Hackers are Permanently Banned

Thank you guys, Was looking for a server and this server was a great match for what I was looking for
Highly Recommend