[INSTACRAFT] [PVP] 24/7 US 99% Uptime Server noobfriendly

Location: US
Sleepers: Always on
Server Name: 24/7 Noobfriendlys
Server IP:
Teamspeak address: rust.pkmadness.net
our forums: pkmadness.net

Want to join in with a clan ??? now you can, we offer clans a free ts private channel with some slots.***

dear players,

We are trying to make a small community server which will be actively monitored by our admins. all admins are securely selected and trusted to not abuse powers.

The server is noobfriendly this means that we will help new players and not kill on sight for no reason. this is still allowed but 90% of the players here instead help you to get a pair of pants first :wink:
Later on we might make it prove and a few hours a day pvp to make sure new players can get started as well however this is far in the future and not surely decided yet.

We enjoy playing in a group with friends our self so why wouldn’t you? We offer all new players the ability to teleport to a friend 1 time. This will securely be noted down+steamid so there can be no cheating on the system.
This gives new players a kick-start.

I’ll see you in game :slight_smile:

to connect press F1 and copy/paste this in the console: net.connect

had some downtime 5 mins approx

server online for the pas 14 hours

adding a second server soon Be patient for this,

we also need mods apply at pkmadness.net

adding 3 new servers

server 2 has been added will open a topic for it soon

3rd server still in delay… added active chat box to our website www.pkmadness.net