Instacraft! PVP! Kits! Join!

Hey gamer guys and gals everywhere!
I know you haven’t seen my name in forums before, but that’s besides the point. I’ve come to talk to you about a certain server on Rust.
I get what you’re thinking, “ohhhhhhh, he’s just here to get his server going…”
That’s not what I’m here for at all.
I wanted to tell you about this awesome server, owned by a guy who goes by NJC on Steam.
This guy is seriously the best admin ever. He is the first I’ve ever met to help out when it’s needed, but not only that, he listens to suggestions, and implements them as quickly as he can.
For now, the server has all the basic Rust necessities.
But what he wants to do is get this server BIG. We’re talking team on team raiding, wars, maybe even an economy.
So please, if you and your friends are ever looking for a new server to set out a new adventure on, join net.connect
Thank you so much for taking to time to read this.
And if you join, you’re goddamn awesome.

Keep the good vibes going.

Third time’s a charm. :zoid:

Thanks, guy. Pointing me in the right directions is a plus.