Instagib Gamemodes (iDM, iCTF)

Hello everyone! I’m minz1, a CompSci student and amateur game dev.

I’ve been following s&box for a while now, and I think I know what I’ll be beginning with when it comes to addon development.

I will be working on developing two instagib gamemodes.
Beginning with iDeathmatch, where the goal is to amass either x amount of kills or have the most kills by the time x minutes have passed, whatever comes first.
The main difference between this and traditional deathmatch is that every shot is a 1 shot kill, regardless of location of the shot.
Of course, traditional deathmatch maps would be used for this, but I will also be going for a neon laser-y aesthetic when creating the custom guns for this gamemode.

Regarding iCTF, this will be a more complex gamemode, that I will be spending more time on designing once I get used to s&box and how gamemode development works out. But with that, it would resemble traditional CTF where there are 2 teams, and the goal is to collect some sort of flag from the other team’s spawn. Once collected, the player with the flag must travel all the way back to their own spawn to score a point, with a team winning once they’ve amassed x number of points, or they have more points by the time x minutes have passed.
This mode, too, will have 1 shot weapons.

These are pretty basic gamemodes, but they are ones that I find are tons of fun. Depending on how the movement feels in s&box, I may consider things like boosting the movement speed and jump height to encourage the more dynamic flicking gunplay you’d typically find with games that have this sort of gamemode.

Also, I’ve been thinking about how to brand this gamemode. Instagib feels like a dated term, almost. I was thinking about calling it 1-Shot DM/1-Shot CTF? Maybe instead of iDM, 1sDM and 1sCTF? It may help to distance myself from the branding from old arena shooters, but I don’t know. Let me know what you guys think!


Good Ideas. I will note them all and develop them faster than you :crazy_face: (trollface)


Pretty cool, but is there anything we can see about this project?
If not all this post is is a wall of text with nothing to show for it, and God knows we already have too many of those.


I’m primarily a programmer, and it’s kinda hard to code for an API that I have no knowledge of.
As I begin to learn modelling, I will be updating the post with what I create on that end.

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How about not posting the same text under every gamemode thread and just let people share what they want to create? If they have something to show they will do it and if they don’t have something right now they just wanted to share their idea and/or progress. :slight_smile:


I mean were talking about making assets for a game that isn’t easily accessible for one. Most people are going to have trouble showing their plans because they’re not as artistically inclined as someone that may spend most of their time making 3D models.

It’s a bit unfortunate that this is the only way that people can effectively get keys. It’s essentially just professional shitposting (no offense) but it’s not the posters fault this is just how the facepunch devs thought was the best way to hand out keys which I don’t entirely agree with…

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I was talking more like showing past projects or maybe concept art, how do we know these walls of text aren’t just trolls making up stuff on the spot to get a better chance at getting a key?

Without showing anything these gamemode posts are no different than the occasional discussion thread asking if the game will have multithreading.

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As much as I agree it just doesn’t make sense to police them yourself. Let the facepunch devs decide who is right to get keys. I think they consider that very problem before giving someone a key so there’s most likely nothing to worry about.

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I don’t understand those people, what’s the benefit of sharing a cool and original idea before you actually started work on it to be the original author if someone can just steal it and implement it themselves? Think about it…


To maybe get a rough feedback? If you’ve got an idea and think it is good doesn’t mean anyone would want that.

So instead of spending hours of work people just present their idea and if the feedback is bad they just saved time. Or maybe the feedback leads them into an entirely different direction.

But I get what you wanted to say. The idea of course can be “stolen” but that’s the risk with sharing ANYTHING.

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As much as it’s very possible that I won’t be able to accomplish my idea, this is one of the reasons why I’m not posting it right now.


Got some neat concepts going, sounds cool, good luck :slight_smile:

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keys, thoughts about project, suggestions

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|I’ve just stumbled across this game now through the search terms Instagib.

Really miss UT2004 ictf. If you make an ICTF mod - which I don’t think other FPS have atm - then I’m sure it will be a hit.

ICTF is so much fun.

I’ll try grab a copy of the game on steam to check it out!

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