Instaling Space Build

I just can’t seem to get everything I need for this thing, I keep finding requirements , with broken svn links, others are completely gone , some exist, but want passwords other than the “anonsvn” one, no matter what ,I can’t get the resource tools , and a lot of stuff gives me lua errors… guess I still haven’t gotten everything I need and I don’t have any addons, except wiremod and a few other necessities , so I’m sure that , this isn’t some addon conflict.
So I was wondering if some one can give me the Exact svn links that people use? or at least a list of the stings I need. I don’t care if I’ll have to re download everything anew, I just
would like this thing to finally work :smiley:

Edit: and wasn’t there a Resource distribution 3 ?

Yes! it’s so simple. Thanks!

Odd that there was a link at the SVN wiki to that site, but it is broken.