Install exact mod setup in friends computer / account

Just like title says - I figured the simplest would be to copy the folder from my account to his account folder… I know if there are updates he won’t get them but this way I would have to subscribe and download 5 gigs worth of add-ons

Is there a better way?

I think it might work. The only thing I can really think of getting in the way is either Steam going ‘Hey whoa you aren’t subscribed to these mods so they won’t be enabled’ or ‘Hey these aren’t subbed -delete-’. I need to do something like this myself anyway…worst case scenario you have to unpack your Workshop items and install them as standalone mods on your friend’s copy. That will definitely work, but it’s very labor intensive if there’s a large quantity of mods. Which, since you’re mentioning 5 gigs of addons, I’m assuming is the case.

I must just save my mods to a list

Well what you could do is make a collection on the Workshop of your addons, then have your friend sub to that. Once that’s done, transfer the GMA files over LAN and you’d be good. No lengthy download.