Install RUST only on C Drive !

Hi all,

I have a lot of ERRORS at startup of RUST, Disconnected message, back to Windows, crash… i try all the tips i found on a lot of Forum… AND… i try to Uninstall RUST from my F: Drive and install again on C: drive… and when i lauche it again ALL work fine… 3h game and FUN !!! NO MORE ERROR…

So if you have RUST installed on other drive like C, uninstall it and install it again on C drive and that correct a lot of startup Bug !

See Ya :wink:

My rust has always been on D: and I’ve had exactly zero problems.

For me that correct ALL problems… perhaps F drive is veru very BAD for him ! lol

Maybe your F: drive is just on its way out and has bad sectors so might be an idea to scan it for errors with something like HD Tune or similar program.

No, it’s work fine… all my other Steam games are installed on…

My Rust is installed on F:/ Drive. Works without having problems.

My rust on the ~/ and all Works without having problems.