"Install the Spacebuild Addon"

Alright, I have LS3, LS3E, SB3, CustomAddonFramework, RD3, and SBMP ALL in addons folder and ALL svn. Then I have SB3 gamemode in the gamemodes folder, also svn. When I start the server it spams “Install the spacebuild gamemode” in chat and console. How do you fix this? I don’t have any addons that would conflict.


I also noticed in the gamemode SB3 folder’s info.txt it says “Spacebuild 3: The New Age (Dummy)”, is that the problem?

If you look here
and what it tells you about the “(Dummy)” thing, you should get it.

Also: http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=688324 hint

Everything’s installed according to that.


SpaceBuild 3 Optional (replaced by Addon)
Use a folder like “garrysmod/gamemodes/SB3” for this SVN.

Does that mean I don’t need the gamemode? How would that work?

Did you name the gamemodes folder “SB3”?

I think you only need the addon.

If you only needed the addon how would it work as a gamemode though?

What you’ve just installed isn’t the gamemode, but a small indicator which makes sure that your Spacebuild 3 is correctly installed, so you haven’t installed the gamemode itself yet, only it’s “checker” so to speak.

You need the http://customaddons.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/Spacebuild

The reason I’m checking your post is that I can’t get Life Support 3 working. It simply won’t show up in the menu, which really frustrates me after puzzling with it for around 4 hours.