Hey guys, I’ve used gmod before, so not really a noob but still not good with installation. Then again most stuff has isntructions in the descripton or read me, or it obviously goes to addons. Anyway I downloaded a skin, and Im not quite how to install it.

Ill put the link to the download here:

Extract it to garrysmod/garrysmod

K thanx, but now I have another prob that involves Counter Strike: Source. I’ve been uploading weapons skins to counter strike like crazy, but I did it sloppily and some don’t work like they’re supposed to. Im trying to get my Counter Strike back to the origianl without any mods, skins or anythign I installed to it, I tried uninstalling and re-installing (From steam) but all the content I downloaded is still there. Can anyone help me?

I assume you mean you’re using skins in Counter Strike? Just delete your entire cstrike folder and start the game. It will automatically create a new cstrike folder with the files that are required to play and nothing else.

Oh, k thx! =D

Okii back again with another Question. x3

The skin from the first post is a ragdoll skin, I want to make it into a player model. I’ve seen forums and osts on how to do this but I need like a step-by-step instruction. If already thsi exists as a player model send me a link! I need it badly.

You would have to hex it before making it a playermodel.

That’s the pont, I don’t know how to do that.
First result in google.