Installing addons

Should i paste the materials and models folders into the garrysmod folder, like when using skins in counter strike, or
Should i paste it into the addons folder?
I dont get it, sometimes my addons doesn’t show up ingame, and i wondered if there were some way of always doing that.
Help me please :slight_smile:

Hey man i’m having same problem i tryed extracting the addon i have using winrar. Then extracting it to garry’s mod addon folder. I then looked in garry’s mod for it couldnt find it. So i’m stuck to.

If the folder contains info.txt, its an addon. If not, paste in garrysmod. Check inside that folder for other folors with similar names tho. It may be an addon ‘inside’ a folder.

where would i find the addon in garry’s mod its a new weapon would it appear in the weapons list

Some prop packs you will have to browse for tho.

Thank you :slight_smile: