Installing DropParty

I currently am running a Rust++ server on Nitrous-Network and when trying to intall DropParty I seem to ‘break’ Rust++.

I’ve followed the installation instructions to a T, put leather.cfg and LeatherLoader in to my rust_server_Data folder, cook the mainData file and replace it with the old ‘uncooked’ file, add the contents of the mods folder from DropParty to my rust_server_Data folder, and when I log ingame and try to use a command it says “Rust++ did not install correctly”.

I’ve tried time and time again, I just cant seem to get it to work. Any help would be greatly appreciated, my host seems to believe Rust++ is no longer compatible with DropParty and thats why but I have clarification from EquiFox17 it is.

I’d really like to get this resolved as quickly as possible to get my server up and running hopefully by this evening or tomorrow.

Thanks for reading.

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On my server it happend also, first I delete C4 and Metals, and after a week all drops are now with C4 etc.

Realy shit, for my server, because now the raiding beginns…

The rust 1.5.1++ and the airdrop mod sucks I think…

and I got no answer from the programmer…