Installing models in Gmod

Alright, I’m a bit of a garrysmod noob. I know how to install addons, but I’m having a bit of trouble with some other things. Recently, I downloaded a couple models from here, notably some CoDWaW models and some models ported from wolfenstein. However, when I open the folders, all the files are in a .dds format, and kind of scattered all around. Anyway, I tried to add them to the addons folder, but they never appeared in the game and I couldn’t find them. So, uh, where do I put them?
Anyway, sorry I’m such a noob.

Link? Anyways, if it uses anything besides these file types
[TABLE=“class: grid, align: left”]










Then it must be not for Garrys Mod.
However, you can use tools to port it.

Anyways, anyone know the list BB Code?

Edit: Found out this is just a DirectX Texture, but nems tool might port it to .VTF, however, I need to know what are the models, so I can find the right program.

However Mipmaps might be a issue, stated here.