Installing mods?

first off there should be a noob icon for topics. Now onward to my question I am new to Garry’s mod in general I just recently started playing it and need some help. I am in need of a tutorial any will do text,video, picture or if you have one yourself that would be much appreciated. I need tutorials for pretty much installing anything to Garry’s mod I tried getting stuff from the toy box in game but my game freezes so I can not use it. so any link or even a simple explanation will do so please help me out I will be forever grateful.


What exactly are you trying to downlod from Toybox.

well it freezes when I search something but I went to and downloaded a few ragdolls and npc models plus a prop or two.

I have a similar problem, when I go to extract the files it doesnt list Garry’s Mod so i can extract the files to get in game. and toybox crashes for me too