Installing mods

Hey, i’m new to Garry’s mod. And i get the “Put those folders there etc”. But there’s one thing i still haven’t figured out, do i need to close Steam before i put the folders inside the Garry’s mod folder/addons folder?


What a relief lol, thanks for fast respond.

Here are some facts:
Some people pack them up as “garrysmod/addons/[file]” or "/addons/[file] not just the “[file]”. Also some not even NEED to be in the addon. Just “trash” them inside the garrysmod folder directly. Also if you put the addons in-game you mite need to restart your ENTIRE GMOD. Based on the addon of course.

Every addon except maps, of course.

I don’t really understand. You mean only maps come in separately? Apparently not. I seen addon’s that come in all types. One didn’t actually had a folder. It was just the lua, settings, models and materials.

EDIT: And readme and some other stuff.

What he meant was that you don’t need to restart GMod after you’ve installed a map. You can load it from the console.


Or that you don’t need to put maps in addon format, one of the two.

True. But i found some addon-s that didn’t “request” restart.

P.S. I know its still about Installing mods but aren’t we turning Off-Topic by “chatting” with eachother?


And no addons “request” a restart, but most “require” a restart because the game scans for new addon content when you launch it.


Say that last sentence of mine out loud five times fast. :v: