Installing player models through workshop to server

I just started up a darkrp server again after 1 year so i dont remember anything ive seen other severs have while joining it said i was downloading stuff from the workshop… Could anyone explain how i get my server to make people download the stuff from workshop that i want to use (player models)

First, make a collection of the stuff you want on the workshop, then use +host_workshop_collection IDhere to host the addons on your server. Then, to allow people to download said addons when they join your server, make a lua file that contains lines of resource.AddWorkshop("") for each of your addons that you want players to download. resource.AddWorkshop does not support collections.

where would i put +host_workshop_collection my host is nfoservers

In your startup script. Don’t have NFO Servers, but if you cannot find it, ask them how you can add custom startup parameters to your server.