Installing Prometheus, not sure if my Problem or theirs.

What have i tried?
reading their Wiki and other FAQs
Multiple Browsers:
Internet Explorer 8.1 (i know… )
Tried on My Laptop and PC
Tried contacting customer service, filled out a ticket but no luck at all

I just want someone to clarify is this a script problem on my end? is it Their website? as the Install.php in the video is supposed to RE-Direct you to an Important Information Interface.

This is the Installation video i am following

As soon as i add Install.php or even just try launch the file from the directory, it does launch Install.php however the page just shows me the RAW script and not the page i need to fill out that is essential for installation.
The developers i have given up on, i can understand since they don’t support there product anymore but :\ is this their script fucking up on there end? or
Step 1
Locate to the Install that is on your MySql Database, This is done perfectly fine on my end.

Step 2
Launch Install.php = You get Zucked By Zuckerberg

firstly, you should be making a ticket for a script you paid(?) for

secondly, you don’t have php installed on your webserver. might wanna get some new devs

your webserver doesnt have php installed.

No he’s connecting over FTP and expecting a web server to give a response.

o didnt see the ftp://

Why am i so dumb :frowning: was everyone this Dull when they started :\ i try i try:cry: