installing sourcemod on gmod?

i tryed installing ti but it hasnt worked does anyone know how to install this properly?

The fuck are you talking about? What’s sourcemod?

I can’t understand ANYTHING

I know what’s sourcemod, but why not to use some LUA Based admin mod?
It got many more options… :o

i want to use it has more plugins

so anyone know how and no replying wiht use a lua admin mod like new admin i want to use this

Source Mod is pretty sucky for Gmod really.

thoguh it has some awesome plugins

Which Gmod doesn’t need.

Anything sourcemod has, you can pretty much find standalone.


Hey, guess what

There’s a thing called an admin mod

Don’t use the NewAdmin link provided by ZestyLemons above. If you want to use NewAdmin, get v1.1.

Also, NewAdmin installation tutorial:

source mod runs SOURCE BANS
find that in a lua based addon

why did you bump this thread?

why did you bump? (oh crap we have created a loop in time) On topic: i would suggest getting assmod it is easy to use, but in this case i would download a newer version

So, does Sourcemod work with Gmod?

ASSMod keeps forgetting bans when the server restarts and I want to use SM for bans

yeah its suppose to work on Garrysmod and every other game that runs on the source engine. I’m working on getting this working on my server. I’ll edit this post if I’m successful before someone explains it. Note please stay on topic. If they guy wanted you to post other admin addons he would have asked it in the thread title.


Stop bumping idiots, Sourcemod works with garrysmod, end of discussion.

And your post is so mature and constructive. Right, maybe you dont’ understand the concept of the thread or maybe you don’t speak English. Either way, were working on getting instructions on how to install sourcemod to gmod. Saying it works blah blah blah your all idiots isn’t doing shit so your post is just a spam post and this post is just a spam rage post at your post.

Edit: btw, This post was posted in the country of America. Read our rights.

Sourcemod ? Senseless since GMod may use lua =3