Installing SpaceBuild

Ive only started to use garrys mod so this might sound a bit silly but how do i install space build, or more importantly where can i find the files i need?

First go to Then download what every you want there. you will want for spacebuild sbmp,RD3 nessasary, CD3 which go in the addons folder. Next you will want to get SB3 or spacebuild 3. This goes in the gamemodes folder. Next after installing these go find a server to play on. I personally recommended mcbuilds server 1 but there are others. Note to use sbmp you will need gcombat I think glua has it if not find it at

Get it from… Put it in /gamemodes, load the SB3 gamemode. Make sure you have tons of spacebuild addons too. Addons, from

To get the updated addons for spacebuild go to not might have them but I know has them working for sure.

Um… I just said that.

SVN is better than Glua.

Not really, Glua keeps their stuff very updated.

Glua uses SVN. Why go to someone who uses SVN when you can go directly to the source.
Another argument: Wiremod is updated at least 3 times a day (Not all addons are, I know. But Wiremod is.). If you want to have the latest wiremod at all times, (Like me :3) it is completely impossible with glua, because you would have to re-download
all of it every single update. And Wiremod is pretty big. That means it could take a few minutes, or even an hour or two, if your internet isn’t all that good.
SVN only downloads the files you are missing, so it takes just a few seconds.

Not everyone knows SVN, or wants to learn.

Then learn it.

Sucks for them.

He posted a link to an SVN tutorial!

snake or whatever is name is doesn’t want the svn link to the spacebuild stuff out on the web he even had it taken off the wiki.

he had it taken down because he closed that SVN (I had the link before he got perma’d), and it no longer works.

Someone made a nice SVN package of SB2, LS2, and RD2 related stuff (even the LS2 extra stuff, like oil-mod, gas-systems, etc.).

[snip. it seems we can’t post that link on here on Facepunch. PM on Steam, and I can send you the link.]

Which is why there are other ways to go about it, and why I’m suggesting it.

Oh ok. I’ll edit the tutorial and put that there instead.