Installing to Servers?

Okay, I know this is probably a stupid question, but I’ve searched on google, and have looked 4 pages back in the beta forum. Is there a way to install mods from the workshop onto dedicated servers?

Not yet - but I am working on that.

Good to hear!

If so will this allow servers to download workshop packages to the client?

hopefully if it does it will be an admin only function

No plans to do anything like that yet - no matter how cool it would be - joining a multiplayer server is a pain in the ass already as it is - without having to install 15 workshop addons to join one too.

I understand, but is downloading from the workshop any worse than downloading from a third party server that is extremely slow?

No, but I’d rather have neither

P.S. Could we give players an option to download a workshop add-on when they join?
P.P.S. Linux love?

sending players workshop add ons just becomes confusing/annoying, I think the download system is fine how it is - as long as we get a compatible workshop extractor (so we may bz2 the files still)

What about a list of addons installed on the server when the user tries to connect/in the server browser, and an option for the player to install them before joining?

Emphasis on OPTION, so that the player can just join and see errors if they want.

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Maybe allow servers to force clients to download a few select addons?
Though this could be abused, so not sure if that would be the most wise idea…

Can’t do that. Say a core gamemode addon is needed for any functionality (Stupid implementation, but I have seen it done), or any addons for custom weapons… If you dont download these, your client wont know what the hell to do, potentially making the gamemode unplayable, weapons missing/not working, and menus/gui not appearing.

Honestly I think the best thing would be for server owners to make one of those group of addons on the steam workshop, and have the link to the group auto-advertise on their server, maybe in the motd or something. No, reason to force a client to download anything.

What about servers with custom content?

what i do i just put a list of Addons in the MOTD that i reccoment users to download

That works great until: “Everything is an error! OMG! This server sucks!”

Pretty sure I wouldn’t want those people to play on my servers anyways. If they aren’t smart enough to look into the motd for addons, then they probably aren’t going to be very fun to play with. Also I don’t think those people would even want to wait forever for a download from the workshop, anyways.

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Upload it to the workshop?

Or just make them force-download custom models/materials/sounds from the server or from a fastdl. They don’t need to be packed in to addon format to work.

Not practical. For example, if you’ve got a random music intro system where it plays an mp3 file when the player first joins, then swaps to a different mp3 on the next map, and you’ve got ~30 of them, it would be silly and slow to send all 30 to the player. So we’ve got it only sending the one that is going to play. Using the workshop would mean we’d be making the player download all of them. And when we add a new one, everyone would have to re-download all of them again.

resource.AddFile exists for a reason.