Installing to Servers?

I know - we use that. But I was responding to this:

I’d rather players not have to re-download a content pack of 40+ MB every time I add a new file to it…

They don’t? The workshop auto-updates mods for the player, so if you add something to it, they get the update. I’m pretty sure it doesn’t force them to redownload the whole mod. Also, I’m not saying every mod has to be on the workshop, I think fast download works great, for the smaller mods. But, if you don’t have fastdownload, the workshop is the next best thing. At the same time though, I also really don’t like downloading a million files from a server, when it would probably take half the time to just download from the workshop.

it does actually, have lua files included with a model pack and you’ll redownload all models/lua for a 2KB change

it’s not SVN, think of it as downloading a .zip every time it updates

Oh, well in the end doesn’t that just make the whole thing useless? If we don’t want people to have to redownload the whole mod because we added one sound, wouldn’t the same thing happen with lua scripts? So, in the end it’s either best to completely get rid of the workshop, or make it as useful as toybox was. Or simply get use to having to redownload everything every time there is a change until valve sorts it out. But I still think workshop works for the bigger mods, but the little ones can fast download. I just don’t like waiting for servers that don’t have a fast download, infact I dislike waiting for servers that have a fast download, but something will never change.

garry said he would work with valve on having individual files update versus redownloading the 150MB mod

Oh okay so in the end, it’s best to just have your clients download the stuff for the server from the workshop.

it would just get confusing as shit for server owners, and what about the lua cache?


well I think we need to remember that people are having issues where downloads won’t even start for them - should we really put server content on that system?

an idea(so dont call me stupid) would be to download the workshop stuff to your gmod 13 then find the .gm file for it and extract it using mulledk13s wonderful gmad extractor (