installing ULX makes players unable to connect to ttt server


So basically the title explains it. No errors in console or anything. Server shows up as online and you can join it but it forever gets stuck on sending client info and you cant actually get in-game. The same ulx files work fine on the DarkRP server but just not on ttt. I have tried other admin plugins but none of them seem to make any difference at the moment which i assume is due to lack of updating to Gmod13.

Help please :’(

Facepunch doesn’t endorse or support third party mods (from what I know) and you will more likely get better help here: (also tell them Samg381 sent you).

If it’s a bug he’ll have to make an issue report on

The help section is for those who want help, sure they could get some help there but it also involves TTT.

Best posting here for an issue like this me thinks, anyways I can’t be much help to the topic im afraid. Although I’ve noticed this clashing with a few addons recently. Scars + my custom darkrp gets the same issue but scars + darkrp svn does not.
minor edited ulx + my custom ttt = fine
minor edited ulx + ttt release = bugged

Which is odd, because the TTT edits I have are just a few hooks, mainly to PlayerAuth to load usergroups/weaponcolours from a database.
The ULX edits are just minor things to hide some announcements/change the logging system.

I used this before I got Evolve-Mod, It worked fine just a few Lua errors.

I am running ULX and TTT on my server with no errors or nothing.

Make sure you are using the correct version of ULX.

I made the mistake of using the ULX/ULib SVN (which seems to 404) and didn’t realize that I was still using the GMod 12 version of ULib/ULX.

Yeap installed that version of ULX you suggested… still no change… just gets you stuck on ‘retrieving server info…’ with no console errors :confused:

Try installing just the ulib and ulx folders to your addons, and leave out uclip, ulx-installer, and ups.

Ahh yeah forgot to say… I did exactly that and it worked so if anyone else has any problems thats a possible solution :slight_smile: