Instant Connection Problem?

Every single god damn time I join ANY multiplayer server, it takes 10-15 minutes for me to be sending client info. Another 10 for that. When I’m finally in the game, it gives me an instant connection problem and begins the agitating 30 second count down. It’s not my computer, because I’ve restarted my computer twice. It’s not my internet, because I’m in a teamspeak chat with some friends & have chrome open. It’s not the server because my friends are on the server right now. I’ve already reinstalled Garry’s Mod twice and verified my game files.

Is this a recent problem or has this always been the case? You could try restarting your internet, even if normal web traffic seems fine game traffic works a bit differently and could be disrupted.

It happened once about 3 months ago, now it’s just persisting and is constant.

The main cause of sticking at sending client info is addons/workshop items, make sure there’s no addons in the addon folder and you’re not subscribed to anything in workshop. Also try closing down background programs