Instant death in RADIATION places

Hello rust team. I don’t know there was threat about that or not, but I gonna make this one - You should make really great damage in Radtowns. Because now - nude players just placing sleeping bags near rad towns and respawning every time near and raiding them. Wtf really, so why we need hazmant items? for what? You cannot find anything because nude peoples did it before you. they should die like in 2-5seconds after they go in. ITS RADIATION! There shouldn’t go in nude guy and take shit, there should be peoples with special equipment. I know that because I did it too. you just place 3 sleep bags in 3 different radtown bushes and you have just to respawn after you die in different radtown and raid again. You take all boxes - if some nude guy didn’t make same before. It is really stupid bug. I call it bug because its really stupid. Or i’m wrong? here should nude guys raid radtowns like that?

lol I think its clever what they are doing, but I see your point. There really isn’t a need for the cloths because of it and the towns are always raided.

thats why they should do it. now randoms guys just running around looking for boxes. Guys with clothes would fight for that place. 1st of all they should to find full set of hazmant set to get in radtowns not like now - nude bastards running around and leaving you nothing. Ofc you could camp with armors in radtown and kill them all, but then there is no point. i thinks its really stupid now. and best thing when someone builds wall around radtown. nice… everything for one player. LEGIT

At one point I had built a small base overlooking the small radtown (the one with storage containers). I set it up right outside one of the entrances on the edge of where you could place a foundation. I had a lot of fun shooting nakeds that would run in just like you’re saying. I could also see when the crates respawned so I would jump down and make a quick run for BP’s. I ended up getting just as much good loot from all the players I killed as I did from the crates and barrels.

i get it’s frustrating entering a rad site just to have nothing left, but radiation is plenty lethal to a naked. i barely get half of the containers looted before i need to leave the radiation zone so i can survive, and to be fair, that’s where you get clothes/gear given the lack of animals at the moment.

it’s a loot balancing problem more than bad environmental damage levels.

The rad towns are being over-camped at the moment because there are no barrels, so its the only way to get loot. Once they release the update and fix the barrels hopefully there won’t be as many people camping the rad towns.

I found a rad town on my server last night…and I also found a stone wall built around it :confused: …looks like no rad town raids for this girl. Bunch of buttholes really lol

They at least could remove torch. If you need light make it - “you have only stone and not finished torch”. At least at night they wouldn’t be able raid rad towns. Or maybe some blinding radiation - no helmet, you see barely nothing when you are radiated. I think IRL radiation should blind your naked eyes. Idk, its stupid. Every time I re spawn near Radtown i see like 10 more naked guys running in it :smiley: Its pretty funny to look, but its so stupid. No challenge on that point at all. Just re spawn and go in Radtown, die and everything over and over. Would love to fight with someone in radtown for boxes. Gears, guns, some teammates and enemies :DDD

I’m okay with the current barrel rate if they were to add loot at all the landmarks, and 1-3 crates from an airdrop. Until then there could be a few more barrels.

I see the same problem, and also been doing it myself, I can admit to that.
Shame is if naked should die instantly by running in to rad towns might also distrupt the balance in the game. You may use some time with spear, bow and the time needed to find the suit pieces needed.
That might take time or needs to be even balanced better, rad suit/rad BP.

Problem might boil down to this issue and the rant starts:
Those who joined in late might find it harder, even after suiting up do to players allready geared is watching and controlling rad towns, leaving the “new” guys for loot runs even harder then it currently is. This might sound odd, but I think it will make the weak even weaker by doing instant kill of nakeds.

What I can see is probably a bit more HP loss by radiation in general for those that are naked.

I took basic gear, wooden spear, 20 pieces of meat and have killed like 150 naked guys in front of radtown entrance. Found like 50 sleeping bags around radtown… Thats was so funny to kill hopeless naabs. They just die and respawn, and so again. Some of them was singsonging and offering cox to me xD

wow smart. thats a cool idea, but need a gun…

You’ll get one from the crates eventually. In the meantime I just shoot arrows and watch for crates.