Instant Death

For the past hour, me and many other players in official Ger 2 server have been experiencing instant death.

Basically you are moving, you have full health, not bleeding, didn’t eat anything wrong. And suddenly you die, and it says you have killed yourself.

When I first instadied for the first time, there was noone around, I suddenly died and just after that I heard footsteps very close to me. At my 2nd death, I didn’t hear any footsteps.

Please fix the bug or hack as soon as possible.

As far as I know some mass kill cheat is going around.

Crawl this thread:

As said theres a hack that kills you none stop. Your only option is to hope he doesn’t kill you or find a server with nobody on it and hope he doesn’t come.

They need to add white list servers.

Of a only allowed amount of about 100 people who are trust worthy not to hack and mod’ed to make sure its clean and not allow new people.

Whitelisted servers are available already, but people are so lazy that most won’t even take one simple step to gain access.

I’ve had a whitelisted server available for about a week or so, and not a single player has attempted to get added to the list. It’s very disheartening, tbh.