Instant reload?

Hi, I have the gamemode F2s: Stronghold and I have a game breaking issue. It seems that I have no animation for reloading, video is below:

It is also, the latest version from RoaringCow’s svn, it is not a pirated version!

Proof that I have access to his SVN:

Does anyone have an answer to this? I also have css mounted on the server and have css installed locally. I have also tried removing myself from superadmin, but that doesnt seem to do anything.

Mount CS:S

As I have said in my post, I have already mounted it

You sure you fully mounted it? In the wiki its explained if “default mounting” fails, you have to check a file.

I logged in as me in steamcmd, downloaded css, put that in my server, went into cfg, then opened mount.cfg, then removed the 2 // behind “cstrike” then changed the directory to the css I installed

Theres a 2nd file, read the wiki.

I see that you are referring to mountdepots.txt, I added it, but it hasn’t made a difference

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FIXED! I changed the path to css to my local game path, then cstrike